Stop action magnet IM-2

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Intelligent stop action magnet 2, for to reach silently the end positions of slider chests,... more
Product information "Stop action magnet IM-2"

Intelligent stop action magnet 2, for to reach silently the end positions of slider chests, as a successor to the proven IM concept.

The sensor can detect the slider position at any time and regulates speed and force accordingly. This means that the sliders move almost noiselessly as there is no stop noise.

Double draws can be realized without any problems by moving to any third position.

Miscellaneous modes such as "electrical stop action","electrical/mechanical stop action","coupler magnet" etc. can be set.

Activation feasible with standard "RzO" or "RS" control cable.

The stop magnet has a push-in contact plug for a fast cable connection.

Connection of control lines up to 1.5mm2 and supply lines up to 6mm2

The operating voltage for all boards is 12-32V. The circuit only uses such as much current as it needs to move the magnet. A 24V magnet operated with 32V can, e.g. achieve a force of approx. 70N (7kg) if needed for the slider. If not, the magnet control system autonomously regulates lesser voltage and current.

In combination with the stepless HEUSS drawstop solenoid and the associated bus control, a continuous stop magnet process is made feasible, comparable to mechanical stop actions. These positions can be stored and recalled in the setting function accordingly.



Type article no.

Tensile force at nominal voltage

Hub Nominal voltage

Max. current at rated voltage

R50 4995-024IM2 50N (5kg) 0-34mm 1.8A
R50 4995-014IM2 50N (5kg) 0-34mm 3.2A


The circuit IM-2 is built on the solenoid "R50". For drawings etc. please refer to this article.


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