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Espressivo power supply Espressivo power supply
90-264V/24V 5A
Safety key switch Safety key switch
For safely switching on of organs
Safety organ subdistribution
Organ subdistribution
Organ cable Organ cable
Organ cable, tinned copper conductor
Power supply 24V / 5V + 10V Power supply 24V / 5V + 10V
Power supply 24V / 5V + 10V for 5V Optoelectronic key and pedal contacts With input and output fuse Primary: 24VDC Secondary: 5VDC / 2A and 10VDC / 2A
Single transformer cabinet (ET cabinet) Single transformer cabinet (ET cabinet)
Plug-in card cabinet for holding single transformer cards for stop magnets R20 / R40 / R50 / R60. Infeed of 230V (different voltages on request) via the electricity grid of the church. Voltage for magnet is generated separately for each...
Transformer and rectifier unit (3x42VAC + 14-28VDC) Transformer and rectifier unit (3x42VAC +...
traditional power supply
Organ transformer (3x42VAC) Organ transformer (3x42VAC)
The HEUSS organ transformer is a power supply which meets the requirements of a safety transformer (SELV / PELV) according to DIN EN 61558-2-6. This can be used to run 42VAC HEUSS stop magnets. The composite unit is supplied in a sheet...
Organ rectifier (14-28VDC) Organ rectifier (14-28VDC)
traditional power supply