Setter MP98

Setter MP98

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This setter is no longer built, the successor is the PLC (SPS) setter. The MP 98 is a... more
Product information "Setter MP98"

This setter is no longer built, the successor is the PLC (SPS) setter.

The MP 98 is a microprocessor (MP) setter.
It impresses with its simple and compact design.
For a low price, you get a full setter with several thousands of combinations.

Many standard programs are available and from this variety we choose that ones, that suits to your instrument. Thus, there are no additional programming costs and the price remains low.

Particularly noteworthy is the simple connection to spring terminals. No soldering is necessary.
The digital display can also be connected quickly using a pre-assembled ribbon cable.
The setter is delivered in an antistatic plastic housing with an acrylic glass cover, 770 x 440 x 60 mm.

The digital display has to be assembled separately according to the desired design and will be charged separately. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
The construction deviates from the photo and is not manufactured in oak, but in screenprint/plastic.

Elektrische Traktur und Koppel: Nein, nur Setzer
Setzerbedienung: 0-9 und Ebenen, A-H und 1-8 und Ebenen
Anzahl Kombinationen: 4.000, 10.000
Maximale Registerzahl: 40, 64
Handregister und Freie Kombinationen: Nein
Crescendo: Ja, Einfach, Nein
USB: Ja, Nein
Kombinationsverwaltung: Codezahlen, Schlüsselschalter
Touchscreen: Nein
Einfügen/Löschen: Aufrückend
Freie Koppel Erstellung: Nein
Aufbau: Einplatinen/Zentral
Kabelanschlüsse: Federzug
Kurzschlussschutz/Leistungsbegrenzung: Nein
Direkte Ansteuerung von Registermagneten: Nein
Max. Ausgangsstrom pro Ausgang: 0,5A
Schwellersteuerung/Übertragung: Nein
Stimmhilfe/Tastenhalter: Nein
MIDI-Steuerung externer Instrumente: Nein
MIDI-Recorder: Nein