Tracker System 2 - Setting and coupling

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  The Heuss Tracker System 2 is a control system for setting and/or coupling functions... more
Product information "Tracker System 2 - Setting and coupling"


The Heuss Tracker System 2 is a control system for setting and/or coupling functions of your organ. The special feature is that this system was developed especially for organ building. Hardware specific limits of common PLC controls have already been excluded in the design from the outset. The software is programmed by our experienced organ builders and programmers.


Many functions, which are equivalent to special requests in other systems, are already integrated here as standard. The many functions are operated via an intuitive touch display, which can be installed inconspicuously in the console. The control can also be done by an integrated W-LAN via your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


The hardware is manufactured according to our specifications by assembly companies and can therefore still be produced in the distant future. There is no direct dependence on industrial suppliers. This guarantees a long availability of spare parts.


Several organ divisions distributed over the church, or mobile consoles are just as possible as single compact central setting units.


All cables can be connected simply and solder-free with spring-loaded terminals. Connectors enable pre-cabling in the workshop and quick connection on site. LED´s show the status of the inputs and outputs, whether fuses have tripped, cable breaks are predominant or magnets are defective.


Thanks to the powerful output drivers, stop action magnets can be controlled directly, without additional build-up circuits or magnetic card cabinets. The necessary cross-sections are already provided within the system and, thanks to the strong copper conductors used, can transport over 200 amps. Of course, this can also be used for the electric key action.


The complete system is prepared by us accordingly, so that you are on the safe side with regard to fuse protection. A complete fuse concept is implemented. The outputs are protected by fuses and/or short-circuit-proof/power-limited drivers. The internal wiring is protected by prepared input fuses.


The size of the controller varies according to the size of the organ and is supplied on an antistatic plastic plate with metal cover.


Elektrische Traktur und Koppel: Ja, Programmierbar, Nein, nur Setzer
Setzerbedienung: 0-9 und Ebenen, A-H und 1-8 und Ebenen, Beliebige
Anzahl Kombinationen: 10.000, Mehr als 10.000
Maximale Registerzahl: 40, 64, Beliebige
Handregister und Freie Kombinationen: Ja, Ja und Setzer, Nein
Crescendo: Ja, Einfach, Ja, Mehrfach, Nein
USB: Ja, Nein
Kombinationsverwaltung: Benutzerverwaltung mit Passwort, Codezahlen, Schlüsselschalter
Touchscreen: Ja
Einfügen/Löschen: Aufrückend, Unterkombinationen
Freie Koppel Erstellung: Ja, Nein
Aufbau: Einplatinen/Zentral, Modular/Dezentral
Kabelanschlüsse: Federzug
Kurzschlussschutz/Leistungsbegrenzung: Ja
Direkte Ansteuerung von Registermagneten: Ja, Nein
Max. Ausgangsstrom pro Ausgang: 2A
Schwellersteuerung/Übertragung: Ja, Nein
Stimmhilfe/Tastenhalter: Ja, W-LAN, Nein
MIDI-Steuerung externer Instrumente: Ja, Nein
MIDI-Recorder: Ja, Nein
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