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Optoelectronical pedal contact Optoelectronical pedal contact
with 5V optoelectronical contact
Espressivo Pedal Contact with metal lever Espressivo Pedal Contact with metal lever
with metal lever, for direct operation by a pedal keyboard
Espressivo-LAN Cable Espressivo-LAN Cable
LAN cable for Espressivo yellow, 3m length Particularly flexible and thin, for easy laying in keboard assemblies
Espressivo power supply Espressivo power supply
90-264V/24V 5A
Espressivo key contacts Espressivo key contacts
for one keyboard
Espressivo pedal contacts Espressivo pedal contacts
for 1 note
Espressivo pedal flat cable Espressivo pedal flat cable
with 33 plugs
Espressivo Pedal Magnet Espressivo Pedal Magnet
12x4mm Cylindrical
Espressivo Master Module Espressivo Master Module
for connecting manuals and pedal
Espressivo magnetic adhesive Espressivo magnetic adhesive
for attaching the magnets to the keys
Espressivo magnet mounting pin Espressivo magnet mounting pin
to apply the magnets to the keys, in the correct polarization.
Espressivo bus adapter for (pedal) single sensors Espressivo bus adapter for (pedal) single sensors
for connection to Master Module
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