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Luster terminal Luster terminal
for connecting tracker wires
tracker connectionwires with thread tracker connectionwires with thread
tracker connectionswires with thread, nickel silver, length 150mm/25mm diameter 1.8mm
tracker connectionwires tracker connectionwires
tracker connection wires, nickel silver length 150mm diameter 1.8mm
Brass wire Brass wire
Brass wire
Bushing Stabilizer Bushing Stabilizer
to reduce the effect of humidity on garnishing felts
Steel axles Steel axles
Steelneedle axle, doubletipped
Roller end bearing Roller end bearing
Brass nickel plated roller end bearing
Tracker pendulum Tracker pendulum
length 38 mm
Plastic buttons Plastic buttons
Plastic buttons
Wooden tracker squares Wooden tracker squares
made of fine hornbeam
Rubber foot Rubber foot
For decoupling and noise reduction of the screw heads in the attachment of magnets such as pallet magnets.
Steel axles Steel axles
Steel axle, cylindrical
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