Cover for slider action motors

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  The HEUSS slider action motors built in the past now require protection against... more
Product information "Cover for slider action motors"


The HEUSS slider action motors built in the past now require protection against accidental contact in accordance with VDE 0100, as they are operated with more than 25V alternating voltage.


If we rework the old motors, a cover is included in the delivery.


For already existing organs the covers must be retrofitted or in other ways a touch protection must be guaranteed.


The material is TPE and, to put it simply, the haptics are comparable to a kind of silicone. Due to the soft texture there is no rattling due to vibrations in the organ.


There are several markings on the front of the organ. These can be used to cut the front with a knife in such a way that you can retain the individual cable routing in your organ and still ensure protection against contact.


In the case of a motor overhaul by us, a cover is supplied directly. In this case, the complete front edge is cut off, as the new push-in plug also provides protection against accidental contact.


Please note whether the power supply of your organ meets the requirements of a safety transformer according to DIN EN 61558-2-6 for protection against electric shock in organs.


If required, we would be pleased to offer you a new device that meets these requirements. For this purpose you can send us a clearly legible photo of the type plate of your current power supply, on the basis of which we can make you an offer.


Up to 49 pcs. available as single units.


From 50 pcs. packaging units of 50 pcs. each.