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Product information "MOSES"

Modern Oorgan Sprotect-EdeviceSswitch

Safety of Organ Subdistribution

MOSES is a modern safety concept in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13849, which also includes the requirements of DIN EN 60204-1 for a lockable main disconnection device (main switch).

Two redundant main contactors in series connection, which are monitored by an emergency stop safety relay, ensure that the organ is safely disconnected in an emergency. The blower contactor is also monitored.

It is not possible to switch on the organ in case of a welded main or blower contactor. In addition, an automatic restart after a power failure is prevented.

Motor protection switches for the blower(s) and DC voltage supply protect the system from overload and short circuit.

To MOSES any number of EMERGENCY STOP pushbuttons and smoke detectors can be connected, which safely disconnect the organ in case of danger.

MOSES is switched on and off from the console via key switch with positive opening contacts. The blower is switched on by a START/STOP button or a key switch "0-I-Start" with auto-retraction from the start position. Further options such as e. g. operating hours counter for blower(s), indicator lights for successful motor start and stop as well as overload etc. can be realised without any problems.

With our system, the organ builder saves time and trouble of having to explain the functionality of an organ repeatedly during the commissioning to an local electrician, because in our system everything is prepared and a circuit diagram is part of the scope of supply.

Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Price depending on the desired scope.

Difference between NOAH and MOSES:

NOAH is a subdistribution board for 230V/400V to protect and control the blowers, light, power supply and similar.

MOSES also includes everything, but also has safety features such as connection points for emergency stop pushbuttons and smoke switches, as well as redundant main contactors for safe disconnection.

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