Swell engine VII (former Laukhuff)

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The former Laukhuff swell motor control with the Heuss swell motor, an unbeatable combination.... more
Product information "Swell engine VII (former Laukhuff)"

The former Laukhuff swell motor control with the Heuss swell motor, an unbeatable combination.

Now available!

Announcement dated August 2021 from Laukhuff GmbH:

We are pleased to announce that Otto Heuss Organ Parts has been awarded the contract to continue production of the S.1 and swekk motor. They will continue these sophisticated products and maintain the same quality standards as Laukhuff.

We have since learned, understood and improved the proven Laukhuff swell control, assembled it into a new compact steel housing and added strain reliefs, spring tension terminals and connectors.

The swell control operates quietly, powerfully and positions accurately. The swell actuation runs linearly or logarithmically to the swell shoe position in the console, as desired. The travel of the rod can be quickly and easily adjusted to the swell shades by means of a rotary encoder and display. By means of two further potentiometers, the acceleration/brake as well as force can be adjusted in order to be able to position even cumbersome and loud swell shades as quietly as possible. The swell control works with a Graycode, which can be generated by a PLC and combination capture system. If an analog signal is available, e.g. from a potentiometer, the optionally available Gray code converter can also be mounted in the housing of the control.

When the organ is switched off, the swell wall is automatically opened or closed as usual, depending on the setting.

The variant of the mechanical-electrical combined swell control is of course still available with this new control. This is used to connect e.g. an electric console and a purely mechanical console to the same swell. All described characteristics are also given here with electrical operation, whereby in this case the complete swell mechanics of the mechanical console is also moved. In mechanical operation, the motor is separated from the mchanical rod by a coupling, so that the entire mechanism runs freely including the rod in the motor unit.

Do you need a spare part for your Laukhuff swell control? Please contact us, we will be glad to help you.

Technical data:                                                   

Operating voltage: 100-230 volts or 12-28V

Travel: max. 200 mm         

Force: 15 kg

Hitch with clevis yoke

Installation dimensions motor part: L 250 x W 150 x H 152 mm

Installation dimensions control part: L 300 x W 210 x H 80 mm

The A/D converter shown in the picture is not included in the delivery and can be ordered separately if required.

2m connection cable between motor and control is part of the delivery.

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