S.1 Slider motor

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The almost legendary S.1 from Laukhuff is available again! Announcement August 2021... more
Product information "S.1 Slider motor"

The almost legendary S.1 from Laukhuff is available again!

Announcement August 2021 Laukhuff GmbH:

We are pleased to announce that Otto Heuss Organ Parts has been awarded the contract to continue production of the S.1 and swell motor. They will continue these sophisticated products and maintain the same quality standards as Laukhuff.

We have acquired and mastered the technology of the S.1 from Laukhuff. But we didn't just make a simple copy, we also made improvements based on our own experience and specialties.

You get all the features you already knew from the S.1 from Laukhuff, especially the high force of up to 105N (10.5kg) and the automatic positioning, which automatically adjusts the magnet stronger and weaker depending on the sluggishness of the slider.

In addition, we have made some improvements that bring the product to an unprecedented level:

- Smaller, because the magnet is of our own manufacture, these are narrower and lower than the "old" magnets from Laukhuff, with the same force. So the magnet saves 5mm in width and height and can be used in tighter places.

- More travel, previously the S.1 was only available with a maximum gear of 32mm. Our S.1 can be set with up to 34mm.

- General improvements to the force control in the software.

- Connectors: The connectors are high quality products from WAGO and therefore extremely reliable for many decades. The connectors are all removable from the board and thus connect and replace quickly. In addition, the plugs have the push-in technology, which allows you to insert wires directly without loosening the mechanism, this allows a quick connection.

- Fuse: The fuse used by Laukhuff back in the day worked its way out of the base over the months when installed upside down, which cannot happen with the familiar glass tube fuses used now.

- The base plate still has the same holes as Laukhuff used back then, so you can use your proven hole pattern.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

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